EVOC PHOTO: Whether for an outdoor adventure, the office or a city trip: thanks to its clever block system, the EVOC PHOTOP camera backpack for photography enthusiasts can be turned in an instant into a daypack with a variable volume.

  • Multi-faceted: in just a few hand movements, it can be turned from a system camera backpack with a block system into a daypack.
  • Storage space to suit requirements: volume can be adjusted thanks to the roll top.
  • Comfort assured: ergonomic carrier system and optimal ventilation, derived from our sports backpack expertise.
  • Laptop or hydration bladder: depending on the purpose of your trip, always on board in a separate compartment.

Clever backpack Tetris for amateur photographers
With a volume choice of 16l or 22l, the EVOC PHOTOP backpack is doubly clever: there’s space for food, clothing or personal effects in the upper part. And the system camera is expertly stowed in a padded and integral camera block, in the lower part of the backpack. If the camera’s staying at home, the separately usable block and its dividers can be removed and the PHOTOP becomes a spacious daypack - the inner partition can be unzipped, too.
It’s even possible to vary the size of camera compartment in the PHOTOP 16l. Fitted with a 3-litre camera block as standard, an additional 3-litre block can be accommodated. Both camera blocks can be accessed simply and speedily from the sides, without having to take off the backpack. With a 9-litre block, the PHOTOP 22l allows fast access from the right-hand side and provides a meshed pocket on the left.

More space thanks to the roll top
The roll top concept is common to both PHOTOP variants. In the same way as with a packsack, the top part can be rolled up and tucked under, allowing more or less equipment to be flexibly packed and carried. In addition to private equipment, the main compartment has space for a hydration bladder or a laptop. Memory cards, filters, pens or the hiking map can be stored in the quick-access organisation compartment in the front-facing part of the backpack. A fastening system allows a tripod to be carried safely on the side of the backpack, while the integral rain cover protects the backpack contents from the elements. An additional pocket on the length-adjustable hip belt has space for a mobile phone, cereal bar or lens cap.

Belting up well halves the load
The EVOC NEUTRALITE SYSTEM has been adopted from the sports backpack segment and meets the very highest ergonomic demands. This carrier system for backpacks with a high load capacity ensures the load is unaffected by movement and channels weight through the broad, height-adjustable hip belt towards the body’s centre of gravity. The belt itself is well-padded and can be detached. Strategically positioned back pads ensure carrying comfort and at the same time ideal air circulation for the whole of the back. The ergonomic and well-padded shoulder belts with a deep cutaway for the neck, together with the chest belt with its integral safety whistle, all play their part in ensuring a carefree photo adventure.

The PHOTOP 16l and 22l, in two colour variants, will be available in well-stocked specialist photography shops from the summer of 2019.



  • Volume: 22 l
  • Dimensions: 28 x 50 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 1620 g
  • Colours: Carbon Grey or Light Olive
  • Camera compartment: 26,5 x 20 x 14 cm
  • Pack includes: 9-litre camera block (CB 9l)
  • Hip belt: adjustable lengthways from 70 - 125 cm
  • Compatible with: EVOC CB 6l camera block in the main compartment
  • Price: EUR 220


  • Volume: 16 l
  • Dimensions: 28 x 50 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 1310 g
  • Colours: carbon grey or light olive
  • Camera compartment: 18 x 8.5 x 14 cm
  • Pack includes: 3-litre camera block (CB 3l)
  • Hip belt: adjustable lengthways from 70 - 125 cm
  • Compatible with: EVOC CB 6l camera block in the main compartment and a CB 3l as a second camera compartment
  • Price: EUR 200

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