The EVOC HIP PACK CAPTURE 7l hip pack transports your system camera, acts as your water carrier and leaves you free to concentrate on the shot.

  • Lots of storage space: separate padded compartment for a camera, several mini-compartments and pockets, and space for water bottles and a tripod.
  • Flexible: The gap between back and pack can be adjusted using the VENTI FLAP system.
  • Optimal air circulation: ventilation channels in the padding provide a comfortable fit and ideal heat dissipation.

A fantastic, compact space-saver

Keeping your back unburdened, your camera always to hand and yet with next to nothing to carry: this is all possible with the HIP PACK CAPTURE hip pack with its seven-litre storage capacity. The padded 6-litre main compartment can be laid out to suit individual requirements using compartment dividers, and offers enough space for a system camera and additional lenses.An externally-mounted, fold-down, quick-access compartment with a waterproof inner pocket is the ideal place to store memory cards and accessories. The zipped pocket on the length-adjustable hip belt provides additional storage space for a mobile phone and lens caps.And so that the hunt for the perfect photo doesn’t end up barren, up to two water bottles can go with you, slotted into the elasticated mesh pockets on the sides and, of course, secured with straps so that they also stay in place when you’re sprinting to your next location. The integral rain cover takes care of protection against unwanted water from above. A tripod can be fastened to the underside of the HIP PACK CAPTURE through the belt.

Optimal ventilation

When sporty photographers need to overcome steep ascents and dynamic descents, the VENTI FLAP system comes into its own: with a simple hand movement the gap between hip pack and back can be adjusted. Loosen it for the sweaty ascents, tighten it for the dynamic descents down into the valley. The AIRFLOW CONTACT SYSTEM ensures the maximum possible ventilation for the smallest possible contact surface: specially milled padded elements on the inside create large ventilation channels. The surface next to the back is covered with a net-like mesh material. It absorbs moisture, dries out quickly and channels the heat from the back into the ventilation passages.

I take the EVOC HIP PACK CAPTURE with me even on sporting film jobs using the system camera, when I know that I can stay on the move using my most compact set-up. Because it’s positioned on my hip, my camera is always to hand - I simply swivel the hip pack to the front. I am amazed at how securely the hip pack sits, and how compact it is, even when full to the brim. Nothing wobbles, nothing slips out of position - even on the technical passages. It’s also very pleasant to have my back uncovered, which means I can follow the crew without hindrance.” - Bene Ruf, professional EVOC sports filmmaker.

The HIP PACK CAPTURE 7l, in two colour variants, will be available in well-stocked specialist photography shops from the summer of 2019.


  • Volume: 7
  • Dimensions: 20 x 29 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 520 g
  • Colours: carbon grey or light olive
  • Padding: Atilon PE foam in the camera compartment; EVA back padding
  • Inner material: Velex in the camera compartment
  • Outer material: abrasion-proof nylon 465; 3D AIR MESH in the AIRFLOW CONTACT SYSTEM
  • Price: EUR 100

All pictures are available free of charge for use in an editorial context. Please send us specimen copies.

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