EVOC PHOTO: The practical CB 3l &CB 6l camera blocks let you take your system camera with you on tour and can be combined with EVOC backpacks upwards of 10 litres for photo adventures.

Fitted with a detachable, non-slip shoulder belt, the EVOC photo block will double up as an ideal backpack substitute and fully-fledged photo bag on the next city trip or photo safari requiring a modest amount of kit. The dividers in the interior of the well-padded, fluff-free block can be arranged as desired and the compartment shaped to accommodate a specific camera. Special T-shaped zip tags make it possible to zip/unzip with one hand.

If more kit is needed for a professional photo shoot, or the system camera needs to be stowed safely in the backpack, the camera blocks can be used as additional stowage elements and transport protection - in EVOC backpacks upwards of as little as 10 litres.

The outer material used in the CBs consists of highly robust coated and waterproof nylon fibre. If the block comes into contact with rain or spray water, the droplets simply roll off the surface.

 The CB 3l & CB 6l can be found in well-stocked specialist photography shops from the summer of 2019.


CB 6 l

Volume: 6 l
Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 10 cm
Weight: 300 g
Colours: carbon grey or gold
Compatible with: CP 26l & CP 30l, PHOTOP 16l & 22l ​
Price: EUR 60

CB 3 l

Volume: 3 l

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 10 cm

Weight: 240 g

Colours: Carbon Grey or Gold

Compatible with: CP 18l, 26l & CP 30l, PHOTOP 16l & 22l, STAGE CAPTURE 16l ​

Price: EUR 50

All images are available free of charge for use in an editorial context. Please send us specimen copies.

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